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Working smarter and improving your success rate - could my programmes do this for your company?


I always find case studies particularly boring to read, but of course it is pertinent to outline some successes that are not untypical of the work I have conducted in the past. I'll try to keep it as light as possible:

example 1.

I don't usually undertake One Day programmes, but was asked to for a market research association - I reluctantly agreed - the one day event was held in London. Thirty research agencies were represented. Following the day's events, one delegate returned to the Middle East the following day, and in her next meeting, and using techniques that had been taught in the programme, secured $160,000 worth of business. This turned out to be an important entry into the Middle East for me.

example 2.

Unusually I was asked to undertake a one-to-one programme with a new sales executive (for an existing client - a software house selling to the banking industry)....before we reached day three of the programme, he secured a high ticket sale to the value of $9m using the teachings from the programme. His client was a bank.

example 3.

Four directors (of six) of one company (market research agency) stated on Day One of a Three Day Programme that "I didn't understand their business, and didn't know what I was talking about. It would never work in their industry!" Having convinced them to "open their minds for the first Two Days of the programme and then to go and try it - then tell me it didn't work" - they returned and said "they'd never return to what they were previously doing and that the programme was incredibly powerful" - I worked with that company for 5 years, until they sold, and I later became a CEO of a bigger agency in that very industry!