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Whilst I have never been much for collecting testimonials, I guess there are folk out there who would like to know if my programmes are truly any good, and whether or not I deliver without me merely telling you so. So for those whom are interested, here are a couple of testimonials written by a client and an ex-colleague. 

John Scheifele - Executive Producer

"Steve in no small part allowed my start-up sales enterprise to begin 'falling into place'. His mentoring and his private suggestions were immeasurable as I thought the task to be overly daunting. To those tired of the old and wanting the FUN new job, never hesitate to accept his wisdom, and long-term experience in all things emerging. jfs"

Michael Stanat - Director of Global Marketing at SIS International Research; Author of China's Generation Y

"Steve Homer is a brilliant visionary with extraordinary skill. His brilliance comes from his uncommon ability to fuse his expertise with fresh ideas. This combination made me rethink what could be done in the industry. He truly has a gift in pin-pointing what markets need and developing effective ways to meet those unmet market needs. His insight into sales and corporate management makes him a great asset for organizations. He is bold and passionate in his work, making him a pleasure to work for. I highly recommend Steve as a thought leader and an asset to your business."