• You don't have to be in a big city to improve your sales
    We operate throughout the world
  • You think specialist training is expensive?
    Try costing ignorance!
  • Our clients secure a real Return on Investment
    Before we finish the programme...
  • It costs nothing to talk...
    It could cost you a lot, if you don't...
  • Everyone of our clients didn't think they needed our programmes
    Until they tried them...
  • Act now....the chat costs nothing
    You won't regret it...

These are just some of the programmes that Steve Homer has successfully developed and executed on behalf of corporate clients during the last 22 years;

  • Essential Sales Skills **

  • Advanced Selling Skills **

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

  • Culture Awareness *

  • Culture Change *

  • Social Media For Your Business

  • Time Management

  • Team Building For Success

  • Public Speaking

  • Proposal Writing

  • Making A Successful Pitch

  • Successful Cold Calling

  • The New Face of Marketing

  • Presentation Skills

* These programmes were used within a company that had a big staff problem - 21 different nationalities all wanting to work as they would have done in their home land. Prior to my arrival at the company and delivery of the programmes the staff were literally fighting with each other in the corridors. The issue was settled within a very short time.

** These sales programmes are the only Three Day Programmes I know that deliver a Full Return on Investment before the start of Day Three! CONTACT ME TO DISCOVER HOW I HAVE HELPED OTHER COMPANIES LIKE YOURS TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS!