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Specialist Sales Training for the Market Research Industry


Have you ever heard the words;

  • "I'll think about it!"

  • "Let me get back to you!"

  • "I'll need to talk to my bosses!"

  • "But we already have agencies that we work with..."

Whilst I am happy to work with all types of B2B industries I have had great success working with many market research agencies in improving their sales processes and in particular their sales conversion ratios - in other words I have helped them win new business! The programmes are nothing fancy. They are however very effective and sometimes the results are nothing short of astounding! Having taught over 30 agencies and having worked as the CEO of a market research agency in the past, I have observed how agencies concentrate their efforts on learning new market research techniques, but rarely pay too much attention to being trained to sell professionally.

Indeed, Market Research agencies have a natural dilemma through no fault of their own. Should they employ a professional sales team and teach them market research, or should they teach market researchers to become sales people? By the very nature of their work, (which is generally analytical) market researchers rarely wish to become heavily involved in the sales function. As a consequence of such observation and the analysis of sales conversion ratios within research agencies, Market Research Sales Secrets was formed to tackle this very dilemma, with tried and tested, and successfully proven solutions.

My offering for market research agencies can include any of the following;

  • full sales audit of the entire sales function from top to bottom A to Z

  • one to one coaching in the field

  • coaching by video conferencing

  • classroom workshops for up to 12 delegates per session

The material is TRIED, TESTED and PROVEN to be extremely effective, over the past 30 years - it addresses those areas of business that are critical to the sales process but that are so often ignored or by-passed. During my time training corporate businesses throughout the world I have yet to find a single business which is working to the most effective sales management structure - the market research industry is no exception. I will teach you or your colleagues the following. How to;

~ always secure the second meeting
~ avoid beauty parade bids
~ manage and secure the sale with 'recommenders' despite the 'absent bosses'
~ manage the sale where the people ratio outfaces you 9 to 1
~ secure the sale before even having to formally present a proposal
~ remain completely in control of the sales process
~ determine your next objectives in order to drive the sale to secure the client's business
~ manage the sale and sell against the toughest competition
~ how to effectively present your proposal

If your market research agency is serious about wishing to increase its sales and improve your sales conversion ratios, then please contact me here for an initial free discussion.