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Steve Homer is a highly experienced international management training and business consultant living in southern Spain.

He has in excess of 40 years practical hands-on experience working with major corporations and institutions. For the last 22 years Steve's work has involved training and consulting (and working within) some of the world's biggest corporations and institutions as well as consulting to and advising small and medium sized businesses. Not surprisingly, Steve has lived in 6 countries and worked in 16 countries throughout the world, including Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

Over the course of the last 22 years, Steve has worked with;

  • UK clearing banks,

  • US specialist and retail banks, and

  • Private banks.

In addition, his portfolio of clients includes

  • Manufacturing companies,

  • Business associations and advisory quangos,

  • Publishers,

  • Software houses, (numerous)

  • Market research agencies (numerous).

He has spoken on numerous occasions at the invitation of the DTI Trade Partners UK, primarily in North African countries. 

When it comes to hands-on experience, (alongside the 22 years in management training & consultancy), Steve has undertaken 19 successful years in banking and finance, 10* years (*concurrently with the consultancy work) in manufacturing as one of three directors who took the company to No. 1 in the world, and a period as CEO of a very successful medium sized market research agency based in the Middle East.

Steve's direct involvement in building and promoting websites, writing, particularly using social media has allowed him to assist many small businesses through a better understanding of social media and using the internet for business promotion.

In addition to his management training and business consultancy work, Steve is an avid professional food photographer, writer, blogger and publisher, having owned his own Anglo/Spanish food magazine Comida de Almeria (Food of Almeria). He is often engaged in writing for other websites, guest blogs and promoting food and eating establishments throughout Spain. Most recently Steve has been active as the creator of a new series of unique tapas guides (www.tapasguides.com) developed for use on smartphones, launched in September 2013.

You can discover more of Steve's involvement in food at Steve Homer's Food Odyssey.