• You don't have to be in a big city to improve your sales
    We operate throughout the world
  • You think specialist training is expensive?
    Try costing ignorance!
  • Our clients secure a real Return on Investment
    Before we finish the programme...
  • It costs nothing to talk...
    It could cost you a lot, if you don't...
  • Everyone of our clients didn't think they needed our programmes
    Until they tried them...
  • Act now....the chat costs nothing
    You won't regret it...

"The ONLY Sales Training programmes I know that can give you a full return on investment before you have finished the programme!"


When it comes to any economic downturn, training is usually one of the first budgets to be slashed. Staffing levels are often reduced and other cost cutting measures introduced in an effort to save money.

But what if your company was offered the opportunity to invest in a unique three-day business development programme that could;

~ provide a full return-on-investment before the start of day 3 of the programme
~ help you increase your business even with less staff
~ become the back-bone of your company’s future growth

all through working smarter and more effectively.

For over 22 years we have specialised in these types of programmes, for all types of industries in many parts of the world, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

The programme structure is unique, the content is unique and the results are unique.

The key to the success of my programmes is that having actually worked in a variety of industries I can easily translate and relate the learnings and the programme content to YOUR business making the content truly bespoke.

For example:

  • Unlike most training agencies I rarely work with 'old case studies' - I work with 'LIVE' files making a clear difference to the outcome of your sales negotiations

  • The programme content is specifically tailored to your industry and there is no need to try to adapt 'off the shelf material to suit your business

  • These are programmes that truly make a positive difference to your business and aren't hyperbole

  • The learnings teach you to work smarter and not harder and actually increase your sales hit rate!

If you are curious to know more about how to take advantage of these programmes, and grow your business, then please contact Steve Homer directly via this website.


Copyright 2015 - all photos were shot by and are the copyright of Steve Homer

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